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Welcome to Caprices & Macarons!

C&M is a creative design boutique that specializes in brand identities and online concepts.

Our designs are perfect for creative businesses, bloggers, and anyone wanting to stand out.

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My job is to tell YOUR story through a design which represents you: colors, patterns, and types chosen carefully; a logo, a blog/website creatively conceived to reach your target. Together we will create the perfect representation of who you are and develop an inspired plan to tell this story through everything that you do.

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We’ll work together to tell your unique story through a truly inspirational design of your printing needs, whether it be business cards, invitations, event signage, or a special thank you card. From the layout to the colors, to typography, I will take care of everything to create something exceptional.

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Your website showcases your brand and what you do. Whether it be a simple landing page, an online store, or a blog, I will take care of it. You will have a website designed with a clean and modern aesthetic to reflect your visual identity.

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A logo is the pillar of all visual communication. For an affordable price you can have your very own to reinforce your image and your professionalism.

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Marketing kits allow you to increase the visibility of your services regarding your clients. These kits will allow you to stand out with ease.

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Brand Supreme

Your brand isn’t just a combination of the logo, the colors, and the fonts you choose. It’s all this and more. IT REPRESENTS YOU AS A WHOLE, how you want to show yourself to the world. It represents how everyone else sees you.

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