How to make an attractive resume?
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An original CV is the guarantee to stand out from other candidates. Here are some tips to make your resume attractive while remaining relevant to recruiters.

1. Give a clear title to your resume

To attract attention, it is better to indicate in your title the position you currently hold (“Project Manager” for example) and possibly add the sector in which you practice, if it is relevant according to the offer you covet (” Project Manager in Advertising “) or a particularly interesting skill for the recruiter, always according to his requests (” Executive Assistant – Trilingual “or” Web Developer – JAVA Specialist “).

If you are applying for a job offer, you can also choose to titrate your CV according to the job title that is to be filled: the recruiter will probably be more involved.

2. Highlight what you know and did

Companies are looking for reliable and operational people. Focus on what you do and what you have done, rather than your knowledge.

Prefer to develop the experiences and skills parts rather than your educational background.

3. Dare to talk about your results

There are few results in the CVs and yet they can make a difference. When describing an experience, you can clearly mention the results of the tasks you have done. This gives them a new dimension and will reassure recruiters about your ability to achieve goals.

4. Adapt your resume to the needs of the company

Like the cover letter, the resume must be tailored to the company and position for which you are applying. With each new application, take it back to highlight your skills and experiences directly related to the job offer you are responding to.

5. Highlight your extra-professional activities

If you have personal projects or extra-professional activities related to your skills and profession, do not forget to mention them! This is a plus that shows that you are passionate about what you do and develop your skills outside of your job.

6. Mention hobbies that give information about your personality

The category “hobbies” CV is too often poor information for recruiters. To put the odds on your side, mention activities that highlight your soft skills. It can be combat sports, a passion for sci-fi movies or crime novels.

7. Work on the graphics of your CV

The appearance of your resume counts too! Do not hesitate to work it graphically to highlight the important elements. For that, you can use colors, diagrams, an original design … Moreover, do not neglect your letter of motivation. The design of this one must be given to your CV to remain coherent.

8. Post a professional photo

Photo, not photo, it’s as you want, but be aware that CVs with photos are more watched. If you choose the photo option, avoid identity photos and opt for a more casual and professional photo.

9. Stay concise

The trend remains for resumes that fit on one page. Even if you want an original CV, focus on the traditional sections (skills, experiences, studies, etc.) so as not to disturb the recruiters.

10. My ultimate advice

make a resume that you are proud of and that you like. A resume is a tool, an ally in your search, not just a formality. Predict time to build it well, it will never be wasted time.

If you are looking for original resume templates, here is some of my creations

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